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The Indigenous Heritage Museum, located in Chenggong Township’s Haibin Park, is an important building on the East Coast preserving and displaying indigenous cultural relics, mainly of the Amis tribe. To fulfill its important tasks of cultural heritage transmission and social education, the museum collects, studies, and displays cultural artefacts, engages in education and promotion, offers leisure facilities, and more, in order to preserve Amis culture for the Amis and to give others the opportunity to get to know Amis culture too.

shows East Coast indigenous culture

The Amis were the earliest settlers on the East Coast. It is said that the ancestors of Dulan Village build a village at the foot of the Dulan Mountains about 300 years ago. In the early Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), the Beinan Amis established a settlement called Malaulou to the south of today’s Sanmin Village of Chenggong Township. Another settlement was created by immigrants from Balibang Village in 1855, after which more Amis from the north coast started moving in.

These days, the Chenggong Indigenous Heritage Museum holds various Amis cultural activities, such as traditional handicraft workshops, tribal bazaars, rites of passage camps for various age groups, etc. The indoor space is used for exhibitions and training. The first floor is the exhibition area with a permanent display of farming tools, living utensils, historical photographs, with clothing, weaving, wood carving, fishing gear, etc., supplemented from time to time by temporary theme exhibitions. The second floor has studios and classrooms for workshops and family activities, and a reading room, all for the transmission of cultural heritage. For example, in 2018 a cultural DIY activity was held where local residents made backpacks in the shape of Amis boats. The Libaha Square outside is regularly used for tribal song and dance performances.



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