《 逛・聚落 》



Located in the shopping and entertainment area around Taitung Railway Art Village, the Taitung Story House used to be an old building that stood abandoned for many years until a plan was made to repurpose the unused space into a venue where Taitung residents can listen to local stories and reading in a comfortable setting.

Happy reading times at the Taitung Story House x Eslite Bookstore

Day or night, the second floor window now always shows silhouettes of people immersed in their reading or admiring the latest exhibition. On the first floor, children have fun browsing through picture books and listening to storytellers. If you’re looking for a happy reading time in Taitung, you’ve come to the right place.

配合地方文化政策 成立臺東故事館
In line with local cultural policy The Taitung Story House was built

Since times immemorial, Taitung’s life and culture have resonated with the harmonious rhythms of the tides of the ocean and the seasons of the mountains surrounding it. This kind of natural environment helps rear children that remain radiant as they grow up. This is what makes Taitung culture so wonderful and unique.

In 2002, the Taitung County Government, in line with the Cultural Affairs Council (now the Ministry of Culture) policy to develop local cultural centers, decided to use the Taitung Land Administration Office from 1963 to establish a Taitung Hall of Fame in the style of a community museum to share with the public the stories of the sons and daughters of Taitung.

The preliminary plan was to showcase outstanding celebrities of Taitung as the collection features, and to divide them into four categories: sports, literature, music, and art. Representative figures would include singer Difang Duana, decathlete Maysang Kalimud , film director and stuntman Blackie Ko, and singer-songwriter Kulilay Amit (A-Mei). Later, after further thinking about the positioning of the hall, the Cultural Affairs Bureau decided to place greater emphasis on the culture and lifestyle of Taitung, and renamed the building Taitung Story House, which was to showcase the rich diversity in Taitung’s stories, history, cultures, and art forms and to serve as a platform to promote the cultural and creative industries of the East Coast.



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